Ultimate health tips for age 65 and above

Ultimate health tips for age 65 and above

When you reach age of 65 changes occur in your body and you may need to be more careful about your daily routine. There are few tips to keep in mind for a healthy life style. Get 2020 comparisons for medicare advantage plans here http://www.medicareadvantageplans2020.org

Why is it important to get adequate sleep?

Many adult people find it hard to sleep well or get adequate hours of sleep which make them feel exhausted and ill-tempered. Often elderly people are inflicted by insomnia due to irregular sleep pattern. Aged people need to stop infrequent daytime naps, make a proper sleeping schedule or routine and make sure they get back to bed regularly on the same time each night and wake up on the same time. People of age 65 and above can also try soothing intakes such as chamomile tea or warm milk before going to bad. This will help them feel better and go to sleep more easily without taking any sleeping pills.   

Getting adequate Vitamin D

Adult people need to fulfil requirement for Vitamin D. Going outdoors can help absorb Vitamin D. If vitamin D is low in body among aged people it can lead to pain in muscles or bones and higher risk of Type 1 diabetic disorders or greater risk of cancer. Elderly people have higher risk of physical challenges including rheumatoid arthritis, sclerosis and cardiovascular disease. Aged people of age 65 and above should spend at least 15 minutes outdoor. Spending time outside may also help improve body immunity system by increasing number of white blood cells. In addition to this absorption of adequate vitamin D helps in recovering faster from injury or illness. You can also consult with physician for getting a Vitamin D supplement.

Keep safety precautions

Keep caution for extreme cold or hot weather. People of age 65 and above are at increased risk for serious health issues. Elderly people need to make sure their home heating system is working properly.  Aged people have greater tendency to forget things and may suffer from memory lapse. This increases risk for household fires due to forgetting turning off fire stoves, putting out candles. Moreover aged people need to keep an eye on smoke level in their home or surrounding. Even if they do not smoke the possibility of nearby smoke emission such as chimneys, road traffic or spending time with smokers can increase risk related to health issues. Adult people may consider installing smoke detectors in their house that can detect level of carbon monoxide.