How people of age 65 can deal with stress?

How people of age 65 can deal with stress?

Pay attention to your physiological and social well-being as you age 65 or above the way you perceive, interact and respond to things can also change. At times as people age older they keep hearing about death of their old friends, spouse and other family members this often put them in emotional trauma associated with loss. People at old age can improve their lifestyle by following few guidelines as this would help them feel better.  

Why should you express your feelings?

Be more generous and gratefulby getting 2020 medicare supplement plans at Try to appreciate people around you and enjoy moments of life. Don’t hide your feelings instead try to express your thoughts with your social circle and people around you. If you don’t want to talk about anything in person you can also start with writing a book, an articles in journal or a thought based article. You can also join a support group for sharing your thoughts and how you feel about life. You can also talk more often about problems you face in daily life. If you are unable to control or deal with stress and feel depressed it’s important to reach out to family members, friends or contact health care program for elderly people.

Spend more time in natural environment

Try to spend more time in natural environment such as gardens, forests or green environment as in a natural habitat the atmosphere is cleaner, safer and air is free of pollutants. When we spend more time indoor in artificial sunlight starring on few surrounding object like Tv, medical equipment’s or other household objects we are more likely to think about old sufferings, chances of getting in depression and find it difficult to deal with stress. While in natural environment the sound of natural objects such as birds, animals, waterfalls or rain can also help you feel better reducing stress level and emotional distress. Studies reveal tremendous impact on overall health. You should plan more on vacation or holiday tour with people of similar ages. Going outdoors also makes you physically active and spending time in green environment reduces risk of cardiovascular heart problems improving metabolism.

Admit you are aging

People at old age often tend to ignore they face more challenges than young people and they are not as much energetic or efficient as before. They need to admit their physical challenges and accept that some matters in daily life are out of control.